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We help convert viable business ideas in to ground realities. Encouraging solutions that are disruptive, improve quality and effciency.



Our centers actively engage in skills development programs, to counter the serious lack of able, ready and available human capital



With our resource sharing platform, we are enabling organizations enhance their capacity, without any further burdon upon them.

About us.

At ::iCube:: we foster a culture of entrepreneurship and leadership. We are not an incubator, even though we work with some of the best in class teams.

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The Charismatic People

These great people are our magic makers. The priceless network of our staff, experts, mentors, advisors, and trainers is helping us transform the ecosystem.


We are the Human Capital of our World.We empower each other!


Yusuf Hussain


Badar Khushnood


Farhang P.


Kavita Nandini Ramdas


Mumtaz Khan


Michael Gasiorek


Rana Gujral


Jessica Santana


Junaid Saleem


Faisal Khan


Abid Malik


Arzish Azam


Suhail Awan


Zainab Chaudhery


Shilo Shiv Suleman


Hassan Qureshi


Megan Liu


Syed Talal


Dr. Nasir Javed


Shahed Amanullah


Shaharyar Pirzada


Joyce Schwarz


Khurram Afzal


Ziad Khan


Zeeshan Suhail


Muhammad Abdullah


Sana Khalid


Sundas Waheed


Azhar Rizvi


Uzair Faruqui


Iftikhar Khan


Anum Tawha


Mudassar Zevar


Saif Akhtar


Jamil Goheer


Faraz Khan


Zuhaib Shaikh


Syed Irfan Ajmal


Osama A. Hashmi


Parvez Abbasi


Abid Beli


Khurram Khalil Jamali


Rushdi Siddiqui


Adnan Khawaja


Jawwad Farid




Entrepreneurship comes naturally to women..

Even those managing their homes are making strategic, tactical and operational decisions all the time.

Let's turn your those instincts into solving societal and business problems, while having fun, pursuing passion and making tons of money altogether



Women employed


Women owned businesses


Acces to investment


Startups in making

Every problem is an opportunity

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