May 12th 2018 | Islamabad, Pakistan

& Hygiene

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Pakistan’s first conference on women health & hygiene, highlighting gender equality, the rights, and wellbeing of girls and women. Be the first to know when registration opens, who will be speaking, and what opportunities to take advantage of


Entrepreneurship comes naturally to women..

Even those managing their homes are making strategic, tactical and operational decisions all the time.

Let's turn your those instincts into solving societal and business problems, while having fun, pursuing passion and making tons of money altogether



Women employed


Women owned businesses


Acces to investment


About us.

iCube - a women owned and operated social enterprise in Lahore Pakistan is focused on Building Capacity, the missing catalyst of the equation. Through skills and entrepreneurship development, we aim to improve the Human Capital Index - HCI and reduce the Gender Parity Gap.

::iCube:: has stakeholders’ engagement at its core. We passionately engage youth, women, artisans, artists and thought leaders. We believe that arts and crafts strengthen the fabric of a society; a cobbler, a weaver, a knitter, a sewer, a technician, a paramedic, a designer, a cleaner, a painter, a musician, all add tremendous value to economy, society and humanity.

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We engage artists, artisans, home based workers, and small entities and help them grow into self-sustaining and thriving businesses.



Our centers actively engage in skills development programs, to counter the serious lack of able, ready and available human capital



We coach and mentor budding startups, and connect them with the industry leaders for guidance and venture funding.



Acquisition, negotiation & early adoption, and commercialization of products, technologies, skills, services, methodologies and techniques.