So you are an ::i-dea-tor::

Now what?

Start thinking

6Ws much?

What Why When Where Who How

These basic pondering points backed by some googling will help understand your idea better.

1. What

What is your idea ?

What is it about

What problem it addresses

What solution it offers

What will it take to develop the solution

What have you got to develop/build/devise the solution

2. Why

Why do you want to do this?

3. When

What is the timeline

What will happen when

When do you start (or have you already)

(All time related factors to consider)

4. Where

Who are the stakeholders

Who has the problem

Who is the solution for

Who is in your team

Who will you need to develop the analyze the problem

Who will you need to develop the solution

Who else?

All people / stakeholders related factors


You figured that, the last one is now so much a ‘w’ since it starts with an H :) well, since in spirit it helps in figuring things out, it still is!

How will you do, whatever you want to do

All the factors related to the method, and the process; whether technical, business, personal, social, cultural and others.

For example: How will you allocate time to this, if you are working will you quit your job? How will you support yourself and your family should you have to?

Once you have some answers to all the above relevant factors, contact us for further information and to submit your idea and related information. We wish you the best and luckily our best goes as far as your hard work does, so that's great! Isn’t it